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2020 Annual Report Published

Author Loren Dela Cruz
Date 8 May 2021

The ARC Centre of Excellence for Automated Decision-Making and Society 2020 Annual Report is now available online.

The report highlights the significant progress made during the establishment and commencement phase of the Centre. Notably this included bringing together nine Australian universities, eight international university partners, and 14 industry partners into an international research, industry and civil society network, and establishing itself as a leading organisation at the forefront of global research.

Deena Shiff, Chair of the ADM+S International Advisory Board, states “It is a credit to the Centre and its leaders that such a strong collaborative spirit has been woven into the core conceptual framework of the research program. This has been necessary, for as automation evolves, it increasingly requires an understanding of the complex interactions between data, machines, institutions, and people.”

Read the full report.