2022 ADM+S Hackathon

2022 ADM+S Annual Report released

Author  Loren Dela Cruz
Date 8 June 2023

The ARC Centre of Excellence for Automated Decision-Making and Society (ADM+S) is pleased to present its 2022 Annual Report.

The 2022 ADM+S Annual Report underscores the Centre’s commitment to creating knowledge and strategies necessary for responsible, ethical, and inclusive automated decision-making by showcasing its groundbreaking interdisciplinary research and outreach and engagement initiatives.

It details the Centre’s achievements and progress throughout 2022 and demonstrates how it is delivering on its mission to enhance public understanding, inform public debate, and train a new generation of researchers and practitioners.

“The 2022 ADM+S Annual Report is testament to the excellent research and engagement activity undertaken by the Centre over the past year,” said Deena Shiff, Chair of the ADM+S International Advisory Board.

“The Centre has continued its focus on mapping automated decision-making systems across industry, government and the community sectors, understanding the level and impact of digital service delivery in urban and rural Australia, and improving user experiences and participation in system design, policy and practice. As the Centre enters its third year of operation, it is exciting to see the ongoing engagement with partner organisations and the broad range of outcomes and benefits emerging from the Centre’s research program.”

View the 2022 ADM+S Annual Report online: admscentre.org.au/2022-annual-report/