2023 eSafety Position Statement on Generative AI
2023 eSafety Position Statement on Generative AI

ADM+S acknowledged for contributions to eSafety Commissioner Report on Generative AI

Author  Natalie Campbell
Date 15 August 2023

On 15 August 2023 the eSafety Commissioner released their Tech Trends Position Statement on Generative AI, acknowledging the ADM+S Centre and multiple key researchers for their contributions to the report.

With the arrival of generative AI, machine learning is no longer restricted to making predictions or classifications, and instead, can create completely new outputs trained from existing information. These systems include chatbots, image or video generators, and voice generators.

With these tech advancements come opportunities and risks. As Australia’s independent online safety regulator and educator, eSaftey’s commitment to understanding and anticipating tech trends and emerging challenges is reflected in a series of Tech Trend reports, collaborating with researchers, regulators, and industry experts to define interventions that can immediately improve user safety and empowerment.

The Tech Trends Position Statement on Generative AI provides an overview of the generative AI lifecycle, examples of its use and misuse, consideration of online safety risks and opportunities, as well as regulatory challenges and approaches.

Other topics covered in the report include:
• Generative AI lifecycle
• Risks, harms and opportunities
• Regulatory challenges and approaches
• eSafety’s approach
• Advice for users

Finally, the report suggests industry adopts a Safety by Design approach, incorporating safety measures at every stage of the product lifecycle and placing the onus on technology companies.

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