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ADM+S collaborates with RMIT media students

Author Natalie Campbell
Date 25 August 2022

The ADM+S Centre has partnered with RMIT University’s Bachelor of Communications (Media) program to create a tailored studio course that encourages students to document the uses and challenges of automated decision-making (ADM) in everyday life.

Students will have the opportunity to hear from ADM+S experts through presentations and Q&A sessions related to the Centre’s research, impact, and deployment. Guest speakers and topics include:

  • Nick Walsh – Research operations
  • Dr Lyndal Sleep – Social Services Focus Area
  • Dr Vaughan O’Connor – Health Focus Area
  • Associate Professor Rowan Wilken – Transport & Mobilities Focus Area
  • Dr James Meese – News & Media Focus Area
  • Professor Mark Andrejevic – Dark Ads Hackathon

Throughout the course, students will document their learnings through short video essays and blog posts. The culmination of this learning will be the production of an ADM-related media output spotlighting one of the Centre’s Focus Areas: Health, Social Services, Transport & Mobilities, and News & Media.

Students will consider questions such as what are the productive uses of automated decision-making? What are some of the ethical implications of automated decision-making in health care or news media?

Dr Ruth Richards who is directing the studio program said, “Through weekly discussions, readings, and hearing directly from investigators from the Centre, students quickly discovered the extent to which ADM systems and technologies permeate people’s everyday lives, and in different areas of society that they hadn’t previously considered!

“The students are working towards creating short video explainers on a question or topic relating to one of the Centre’s focus areas of their choice. As media students, this an opportunity for them to develop their skills as practitioners by experimenting with how to effectively communicate those key ideas, while being able to collaborate with and learn from researchers in the field.”