University of Amsterdam Visiting Researchers 2024
University of Amsterdam Visiting Researchers 2024.
Top left to right: Peibo Li, Miguel Gomez-Hernandez, & Sarah Cupler; Bottom left to right: Arjun Srinivas, Shohreh Delari, & Hao Xue

ADM+S Members Selected for 2024 Visiting Researcher Program

Authors  Natalie Campbell
Date 25 October 2023

Six ADM+S Research Fellows and PhD Students have been selected through a competitive application process to participate in the 2024 Visiting Researcher Program at the University of Amsterdam.

Peibo Li, Dr. Hao Xue, and Dr. Shohreh Deldari will collaborate with researchers at the Hybrid Intelligence Centre (HIC), while Arjun Srinivas, Sarah Culper, and Miguel Gomez-Hernandez will work with the Gravitation Program Public Values in the Algorithmic Society (AlgoSoc).

These participants were chosen for their potential to advance their research theses, expand their professional networks, and contribute to the strategic objectives of the ADM+S Centre. They will also present their research in various formats to consortium researchers.

The HIC operates along four interconnected research lines: Collaborative HI, Adaptive HI, Responsible HI, and Explainable HI. Successful applicants demonstrated a keen interest in Hybrid Intelligence (HI), which combines human and machine learning to amplify both human and machine intelligence by combining their complementary strengths.

Peibo’s thesis explores ‘Interpretable Graph-based Representation Learning,’ while Dr. Deldari and Dr. Xue focus on transparent machines, bias, and explainability, aligning with the HIC’s mission of putting humans at the center of AI.

AlgoSoc addresses the need for an informed societal perspective on automation and decision-making, particularly in areas like justice, health, and media. Successful applicants had to demonstrate how their research aligned with AlgoSoc’s objectives, and would benefit their thesis research.

Participants will also engage in additional research activities during their stay in Europe such as conferences, workshops, meetings, and collaborations with fellow researchers, institutions, and ADM+S Partner Organizations.

Students and researchers are being funded through the ADM+S Visiting Researcher program, as well as co-contributions through UNSW, QUT, University of Melbourne and Monash University nodes.


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