Dr T.J. Thomson and Dr James Meese of RMIT University
Dr T.J. Thomson and Dr James Meese of RMIT University

ADM+S researchers appointed to the Communication Research and Practice editorial board

Authors Natalie Campbell and T.J. Thomson
Date 7 September 2023

ADM+S researchers Dr James Meese and Dr T.J Thomson from RMIT University have been appointed to editorial board of Communication Research and Practice, a Taylor & Francis journal published on behalf of the Australian and New Zealand Communication Association.

The journal aims to publish research that contributes to international scholarship and practice in the broadly defined field of communication, as well as papers that develop new ideas in the field. It is particularly interested in supporting original and innovative work by early career researchers in the Australasian region.

The editorial board is comprised of both established and emerging Communication scholars and thinkers from Australia, New Zealand and beyond. Board members are selected to provide diverse perspectives from the many sub-disciplines within ‘Communication’, such as traditional and digital media, organisational, corporate and intercultural communication, communication theory, equity, disability and diversity, and much more.

Board members are tasked with reviewing scholarship for the journal as well as providing advice and guidance to the journal’s editor, Prof Terrence Lee.

Dr Thomson said, “it’s a privilege and a delight to contribute my expertise in visual communication and media to the journal. Digital media are visual media and I look forward to reviewing submissions that advance our growing understanding of how visual messages are made, shared, and engaged with across diverse contexts.”

Read Prof Lee’s welcome to the new board.