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ADM+S Researchers awarded 2021 ABC Top 5 Media Residency

Author Natalie Campbell, Leah Hawkins & Kathy Nickels 
Date 17 February 2022

ADM+S researchers Dr Rosalie Gillett and Dr Jathan Sadowski have been working alongside ABC journalists to share their latest research on automated decision-making systems with public audiences from their perspectives of humanities and social sciences.

The connection between ADM+S researchers and ABC journalists is a result of the prestigious ABC Top 5 media residency program that was awarded to Dr Gillett and Dr Sadowski late last year.

This program equipped these researchers with world-class media communication training skills that will enable them to better translate their research to wider audiences.

“The ABC Top Five media residency was an excellent opportunity to learn how to communicate our research to public audiences,” said Dr Gillett.

“The program was packed with insightful workshops from the ABC’s radio, television, and print journalists, editors, and producers”.

Speaking of his experience, Dr Sadowski said “We worked closely with mentors who guided us to create impactful podcast episodes [and we] encourage any early-career researchers who want to take their translation and dissemination skills to the next level to apply.”

As part of the residency Dr Gillett and Dr Sadowski produced the following media:

Dr Rosalie Gillett

ABC Radio National article: Kate has faced years of abuse on social media. She says it’s time platforms did something about itthat provides a social exploration about the impacts of online bullying. The article investigates the ends to which online platforms protect the safety and privacy of their users.

Future Tense podcast with Anthony Funnell: Social media: harm and transformative justiceGuests Dr Amy Hasinoff, Dr Leigh Goodmark and Dr Tarleton Gillespie discuss  a new approach to platform governance called Transformative and Restorative Justice that could help address the underlying causes of harmful behaviour and promote safer and more inclusive digital communities.

Dr Jathan Sadowski

ABC Radio National article: ‘Artificial intelligence has probably already made decisions about you. Here’s why that matters’. This article endeavours to explain the depths of complex AI’s capabilities, while looking at the benefits and consequences that result.

Download This Show podcast with Marc Fennel: ‘The human brains behind the machine brains’ featuring fellow ADM+S researcher Dr Thao Phan, this podcast examines the behind-the-scenes of artificial intelligence, and asks questions such as ‘who are the people behind the technology? Whose interests shape how it’s created? Which values and voices are prioritised, and which ones are excluded? And what factors influence why technologies are designed in certain ways for certain purposes?


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