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ADM+S Submission on Safe and Responsible AI in Australia

ADM+S Submission to the Commonwealth Government’s Discussion Paper on Safe and Responsible AI

Author  Natalie Campbell
Date 17 August 2023

On 4 August 2023 ADM+S researchers made a submission to the Commonwealth Government’s Discussion Paper on Safe and Responsible Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The submission, made in response to the Department of Industry, Science and Resource’s consultation on Safe and Responsible AI in Australia, seeks to inform government consideration on how regulatory systems can promote responsible, ethical, and inclusive AI and ADM for the benefit of all Australians.

The ADM+S submission is the product of a collaborative process involving direct contributions from ADM+S researchers, led and consolidated by Prof Kimberlee Weatherall from the University of Sydney Law School.

Bringing together researchers from different institutions, disciplines and perspectives, this effort consolidates research and thinking to prompt government interventions around the risks that fast and innovative AI developments are posing to society, and greater public concern.

The paper outlines 19 consultation questions, discussing topics from foundation models, conformity and assurance, risk-based approaches, responsible AI practices in Australia, international developments of AI, and more.

The paper also includes key definitions of relevant terms, an overview of Australia’s existing enforcement gaps when it comes to AI, barriers to transparency, and a comparison to alternative regulatory designs which favour different approaches such as voluntary intervention or more rigorous regulations.

The updated regulatory and policy responses will build on the government’s multimillion investment in responsible AI through the 2023–24 Budget.

Read the full report via APO.


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