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ADM+S to host International Conference on Automated Decision-Making and Chinese Societies

Author Loren Dela Cruz
Date 25 October 2022

The ARC Centre of Excellence for Automated Decision-Making and Society (ADM+S) in collaboration with the CatCh Network will be hosting an international conference on automated decision-making and Chinese societies (ADM & CS) in February 2023 that brings together global researchers and students doing cutting-edge research on digital China, particularly in the field of automated decision-making and society in the Chinese contexts.

Taking place at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia and livestreamed online, the themes of the ADM & CS Conference are broad and inclusive of a wide range of topics ranging from automated decision-making technologies to policy and governance, from biopolitics to geopolitics, from social impact to citizen engagement, from China to the Chinese-speaking world.

The conference will address thematic questions such as:

  • How is ADMS understood in the Chinese context? And who are the key players/stakeholders?
  • What are its key features and trajectories?
  • What is China’s ambition in the area of ADM, domestically and internationally?
  • How are ADM technologies and systems used in different settings and institutions in Chinese societies?
  • How are ADM systems governed? For example, will China’s Personal Information Protection Law set a global standard in regulating Internet platforms conducting automated decision-making through algorithms?
  • What’s China’s role in the current debates on frameworks in governing data security, rights or ownership, ethics, and transactions?
  • What are the new, emerging or hidden dynamics and politics in Chinese communities around the world as they encounter or engage with ADM technologies and systems in their everyday life and businesses?
  • How do people—Chinese, non-Chinese, or foreign citizens of Chinese cultural heritage —view or interpret China’s roles in ADM? And why?
  • What do Western anxieties about digital China and its ADM systems like the social credit system tell us about the new geopolitics between China and the West/US?
  • What roles Chinese societies can play in ensuring fair, inclusive, responsible, and ethical ADM systems that benefit the people rather than the few with power, money and knowledge?

“We are thrilled to be joined by many experts, stakeholders, observers, and analysts over the three-day conference in February, collaborating and bringing new insights and vision to this field. We invite you to celebrate the year of rabbit together and to connect, share and create and inspire new directions and agendas for future research and debates on automated decision-making and Chinese societies,” said Professor Haiqing Yu, lead organiser of the conference and ARC Future Fellow on the Social Credit System and Everyday Life in China project.

The International Conference on Automated Decision-Making and Chinese Societies will be held across three days from Wednesday 1 February to Friday 3 February 2023 at RMIT University and online.

Registration is now open for the event. Visit the conference website for further details on the conference program, speakers and tickets.

Media enquiries:
Loren Dela Cruz
Communications and Engagement Manager


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