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ADM+S video highlights research in news and media focus area

Author Kathy Nickels
Date 9 June 2021

The News & Media Focus Area at the ARC Centre of Excellence for Automated Decision-Making + Society (ADM+S) is one of four Focus Areas of the Centre. The News & Media Focus Area investigates the uses and impacts of automated decision-making in news work, social media platforms, and the digital media and communication environment more broadly.

In this video, researchers from the Centre’s News & Media focus area discuss the rapid progression of automated decision-making technologies in news and digital media environments, the impacts on society, and the ADM+S projects that will investigate the influence of automated decision-making on the news and media experiences of real users.

Watch the full video here

The ADM+ has four cross-centre Focus Areas: News and Media, Transport and Mobility, Health, and Social Services. The Focus Areas provide material for many of the empirical investigations within the ADM+S Centre, and they ensure our research is directed towards engagement, translation and outcomes in exemplary and essential sectors.