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Consumer Finance Advertising

There are a number of ways in which online advertising of financial and investment products can be used to target or scam people.

These include consumer finance advertising targeted at vulnerable groups, like Buy Now Pay Later products that target young people and people most at risk of financial hardship, and scams around investment, cryptocurrency and other investment opportunities that are ‘too good to be true’ and may use false celebrity endorsements.

ADM+S researchers led by Kelly Lewis and Mark Andrejevic are interrogating the database to provide a taxonomy of these ads and to detect their frequency, content, and patterns of demographic targeting. Partners include CHOICE, the Consumer Policy Research Centre (CPRC), and Centre for AI and Digital Ethics (CAIDE).


Mark Andrejevic

Prof Mark Andrejevic
Chief Investigator

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Kelly Lewis

Dr Kelly Lewis
Research Fellow

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Centre for AI and Digital Ethics (CAIDE)

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