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This page provides project updates for the Australian Ad Observatory project.
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Ad tagged Clive Palmer billboard

20 May 2022 

The Australian Ad Observatory: Update on election advertising on Facebook

Researchers have been using the Australian Ad Observatory to keep a careful watch to identify any political or issue advertising that isn’t properly authorised and that may be trying to sneak through undetected.

Screenshot of Australia United Party advertising on YouTube

3 May 2022 

Facebook, YouTube, games & Grindr: what we know about online ads in the federal election

Unlike billboards or TV ads which can be widely seen, targeted ads may be invisible beyond their intended audience. Researchers try to get a handle on online advertising through projects like the Australian Ad Observatory. Here’s what they know so far about the state of online advertising in the federal election.

Two hands with Australian flag pictured

26 April 2022 

The Australian Ad Observatory project monitors federal election advertising on Facebook

The content of Facebook advertising in the first week focussed significantly on voter enrolment, with many candidates spreading messages encouraging constituents to enrol, and to ensure that their enrolment details were up to date.