Join us for an online symposium on automation and its social implications.

We are delighted to welcome international experts Prof Louise Amoore of Durham University (UK), Dr Antoinette Rouvroy of the University of Namur (Belgium), and Dr Minna Ruckenstein of the University of Helsinki (Finland) to discuss automation and its social implications.

The symposium will begin with each expert discussing what they consider to be the key issues and questions concerning automation and its significance for society, followed by an engaging Q&A session with attendees.

Thursday 15 April 2021
8pm- 9.30pm
Online via Zoom

This event is hosted by the Centre’s Data Program as part of its Social Issue mapping project. We will follow up with a workshop directed toward a Centre-wide position paper that explores the key social issues in automated decision, drawing on expertise in the Focus Areas and synthesising existing research.


Louise Amoore profile picture

Prof Louise Amoore
Durham University

Louise Amoore is Professor of Political Geography and Deputy Head of Department. Her research and teaching focuses on aspects of geopolitics, technology and security. She is particularly interested in how contemporary forms of data and algorithmic analysis are changing the pursuit of state security and the idea of society. Louise’s research has been funded by the Leverhulme Trust, ESRC, EPSRC, AHRC, and NWO. She is appointed to the UK independent body responsible for the ethics of biometric and data-driven technologies. Louise is co-editor of the Journal Progress in Human Geography.

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Minna Ruckenstein profile picture

Dr Minna Ruckenstein
University of Helsinki

Minna Ruckenstein is Associate Professor at the Consumer Society Research Centre and the Helsinki Centre for Digital Humanities at the University of Helsinki. Her research explores digitalisation/datafication by highlighting emotional, social, political and economic aspects of current and emerging data practices.

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Antoinette Rouvroy

Dr Antoinette Rouvroy
University of Namur

Antoinette Rouvroy is permanent research associate at the Belgian National Fund for Scientific Research (FNRS) and senior researcher at the Research Centre Information, Law and Society, Law Faculty, University of Namur (Belgium).

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