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Can generative AI expose companies to risk?

Author  Loren Dela Cruz
Date 3 July 2023

In a recent article for the Australian Institute of Company Directors, ADM+S International Advisory Board Members Peter Waters, Deena Shiff and Melissa Gregg, provide a framework for company directors to reduce the risks associated with generative AI.

They recommend considering additional compliance measures to ensure that the information is accurate and up to date, implementing an assurance program that includes human review and staying informed about future regulatory requirements.

“Automated decision-making is not the same as impartial decision-making. Bias can creep into AI in a number of ways,” write the authors.

“Your organisation will need to monitor the boundary line or handover point between algorithmic decision-making and human decision-making, and make adjustments as your organisation learns more about AI (and vice versa).”

Read the full article.


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