Thesis Title
Comparative analysis of COVID-19 misinformation and hate speech on Chinese Weibo and the Australian Twittersphere

Research Description
Dan is a doctoral student in DMRC at the Queensland University of Technology. She is studying digital publics and has a particular interest in Chinese digital media platforms. With a computer science background, Dan draws her research attention to establish a computational workflow to systematically collect, process and analyse social media platform data at scale for Internet studies. Her PhD project uses Weibo, China’s most active social media platform with about 600 million monthly active users, as an example. With the intention to tackle the challenges faced in quantitative analysis of Weibo data, the project will provide an accessible and research-oriented software toolkit to study the dynamics of Weibo and its users.

Dr Tim Graham, Queensland University of Technology
Dr Ariadna Matamoros-Fernandez, Queensland University of Technology
Prof Axel Bruns, Queensland University of Technology