Dante is a scholarship recipient of the ARC Centre for Automated Decision-Making and Society.

Each year the Centre offers a select number of PhD scholarships across our nodes to engage and prepare the next generation of researchers to make world-leading contributions in an increasingly engaged and transdisciplinary research environment.

Thesis Title
History and Trust on the Blockchain

Research Description
The limiting factor to blockchain and Web3 projects’ social and political goals is trust. By understanding the fault lines along which these technologies promote trustworthiness, their potential risks and rewards become clearer. His research seeks to define and put to work a media theory of technologies of trust and their impacts on sociality and subjectivity. In doing so, Blockchain technologies can be more precisely analysed in the literature and deliberately shaped in development practices.

Dante’s honours project analysed Meta’s Libra cryptocurrency. In completing the project, Dante developed a nuanced understanding of web3 technology, reading many technical documents and code in order to form his analysis, and believes understanding the technical structure of technology is vital to effectively shaping their development through critique and regulation.

Prof Mark Andrejevic, Monash University
Dr Christopher O’Neill, Monash University