Person playing game on mobile phone

Gamifying Private and Ethical Ad Donation

Team: Rafiq Copeland, Linton Charles, Sanushka Das, Kaixin Ji, Xiyao Liu, and Edward Small
Mentor: Dr Damiano Spina


Ninety-four percent (94%) of Facebook ads are served on mobile, and for Instagram and TikTok this figure is effectively 100%. The project aims to address the problem of privacy and ethical concerns of collecting mobile data by gamifying the data donation experience. Donators review in their mobile game the ads they want to share/donate. Those ads are then shipped to the data donation platform and traded for credits. In this way, donors have complete agency of the data that is being donated.

Credits can be used to feed and customise a pet or used in external video-games or streaming services. The proposed mobile game also includes mini-games to improve the digital literacy of donors, e.g., quizzes and interaction with insights to learn about their own targeted advertising profile and unlock bonus features.


Participants from Team 6 at the Dark Ads Hackathon

CreditRafiq Copeland, Linton Charles, Sanushka Das, Kaixin Ji, Xiyao Liu, Edward Small and Dr Damiano Spina.

Suggested Citation: Copeland, R., Charles, L., Das, S., Ji, K., Liu, X., Small, E, and Spina, D. (2022). Tech for Good: ADM+S Dark Ads Hackathon. Gamifying Private and Ethical Ad Donation. Australian Research Council Centre for Automated Decision-Making and Society.


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