Reducing the Amount of Harmful Body Image Advertising Experienced on Social Media

Team: Kiah Hawker, Prateeksha Kushwaha, An-Ni Liu, Arjun Srinivas, and Denzel Tan.
Mentor: Dr Robbie Fordyce


Body+ helps people understand how effective different social media services are at protecting young people from content that contains harmful body image ads. 

With easily-shared content, Body+ is an easy-to-use rating app that uses dark ad data collected by the ADM+S Ad Observatory and combined with research into healthy eating and harmful

body image to produce a rating for different social media services, and for specific advertisers with each service. 

Body+ allows young people and parents to better navigate the complex effects of social media on people aged 14-25.


Credit: Kiah Hawker, Prateeksha Kushwaha, An-Ni Liu, Arjun Srinivas, Denzel Tan and Dr Robbie Fordyce.

Suggested Citation: Hawker, K., Kushwaha, P., Liu, A-N., Srinivas, A., Tan, D. & Fordyce, R. (2022). Tech for Good: ADM+S Dark Ads Hackathon. Reducing the amount of harmful body image advertising experienced on social media. Australian Research Council Centre for Automated Decision-Making and Society.


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