The Hackathon is an in-person event, the following protocols are designed to ensure that all Hackathon activities can be done safely and prevent the spread of COVID-19. The latest information and guidance from RMIT University is available at


Face masks are no longer mandated by the University for most activities however masks are still highly recommended in indoor settings. Masks (including N95 masks) will be provided to all Hackathon attendees and we encourage everyone to wear a mask (other than when eating, drinking, or speaking at a panel or workshop).


RMIT is fully compliant with Victorian Government advice for ventilation, including:

  • Well maintained and operated air conditioning and ventilation systems to help reduce the risk of virus transmission. RMIT’s heat, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems are very well maintained under the comprehensive planned preventative maintenance (PPM) contract with Airmaster (air-conditioning system).
  • Regular inspections, maintenance and cleaning of all air conditioning and ventilation systems. This is also included in the PPM activities completed by Airmaster.


All rooms will be operated within the designated capacity. There are currently no limits in lifts at RMIT, however all venues are accessible via either lifts and open stairs.


As well as providing every attendee with their own small supply of sanitiser so they can sanitise any furniture or equipment before use, additional sanitiser will be available in every venue. During panels, wherever possible, we will sanitise mikes before they are used by a second user, however attendees may also wish to take this precaution and use sanitiser on any equipment before using it. Cleaners will provide a sanitising clean overnight.


Rapid Antigen Tests (RATs) will be available to anyone who feels unwell during the event or who is concerned about being exposed to a positive case.