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Data mapping and ADM to advance humanitarian action and preparedness

Focus Areas: News & Media, Social Services
Research Program: Data
Status: Active

Humanitarian organisations and other NGOs are undergoing significant digital transformation. In a complicated digital media environment, new analytics capabilities can improve the role and effectiveness of organisations like Australian Red Cross in building community resilience, expanding volunteer networks, and informing rapid response. New models are needed for building data capability within communities prone to disaster and emergency. This includes community-driven practices for gathering useful open access data and local knowledge to aid and automate decision-making in disaster preparedness.

This project aimed to explore the potential of data partnerships and local community data capability for improving humanitarian preparedness and response to emergency situations. It contributes to developing new techniques for improving data-driven mapping of community strengths, knowledge and resilience. The work will improve advocacy and preparedness and enhance Red Cross’s data analytics capability as the organisation seeks to work with and empower local communities.

The project’s interim report, Mapping Community Resources for Disaster Preparedness: Humanitarian Data Capability and Automated Futures, sets out background knowledge about open data and mapping practices for disaster response, prediction and preparedness. Building on stakeholder workshops and international collaboration, the Mapping Community Resources report presents a model for community-oriented, open access and strengths-based data mapping capability.


Towards resilient communities: data capability and resource mapping for disaster preparedness, 2023

McCosker, A., Shaw, F., Kang, Y.B.


Mapping Community Resources for Disaster Preparedness: Humanitarian Data Capability and Automated Futures, 2022

McCosker, A., Shaw, F., Calyx, C., Kang, Y.B.



ADM+S Chief Investigator Anthony McCosker

Assoc Prof Anthony McCosker

Lead Investigator,
Swinburne University

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Prof Kath Albury

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Rowan Wilken

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RMIT University

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ADM+S Investigator Ivana Jurko

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