Dr Debora Lanzeni is an Associate Investigator at the Monash University node of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Automated Decision-Making & Society (ADM+S).

Dr Debora Lanzeni is an anthropologist working hard to build a common ground for interdisciplinary tech studies. Her research lies at the intersection of technology, anthropology, design, digital and data ethnography and future studies. IoT, Artificial intelligence (AI) and smart cities are key themes in recent years. Debora’s interests are focused on the development of emerging technologies and future imaginaries, as well as work regimes and new technologies. Current projects include Autowork and Platcom. 

With a PhD and a Master in Knowledge and Information Society (IN3-UOC), a Bachelor in Anthropology and a DEA in Political Anthropology from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Debora trained as a filmmaker and taught many years in Methodology and Media Anthropology in the University of Buenos Aires.