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Decentering ADM: A Review of Automated Decision-Making in the Global South

Focus Areas: News and Media, Transport and Mobility, Health, and Social Services
Research Program: People
Status: Active

The Decentering Automated Decision-Making eport offers a framework for studying automated decision-making technologies and their social effects that challenges and subverts this framing of ADM as spreading from the West. This is the centre that we aim to destabilize and displace by offering accounts of how ADM is being done otherwise. Here we do not limit ourselves to redemptive stories of emancipatory projects involving ADM, although readers may find elements of this. Rather we aim both to challenge dominant narratives of unidirectional flows of algorithmic power while also demonstrating what accounts that do not presume such dynamics might look like.

To do this we focus on parts of the world that are often left out of global narratives of ADM by bringing together academic and grey literature, online resources and interviews with key stakeholders in underrepresented regions (Africa, Caribbean, China, Latin America, Pacific Islands, South and Southeast Asia). We frame this as contributing to the Centre of Excellence as contributing to this broader project of decentering who, where, and how engagement with automated decision-making takes place. prioritise places and contexts in the world that were less visible in the field to demonstrate the diversity of ways in which ADM was being imagined, anticipated or practiced in different parts of the world.


5G and the digital imagination: Pacific Islands perspectives from Fiji and Papua New Guinea, 2023

Horst, H., Foster, R.

Journal article

Framing Fashion: Human-machine learning and the Amazon Echo Look, 2022

Horst, H., Mohammid, S.

Book chapter

Looking professional: How women decide what to wear with and through automated technologies. 2021

Horst, H., et al.

Journal article


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