The ADM+S Centre uses ethnographic research and people-centred documentary practice to research and advocate for ethical, inclusive and responsible automated decision-making.

She’s Not Alone (2022)

She’s Not Alone is a collaborative short film about the everyday stories of ridesharing and gender-based violence. It invites us to consider how trust and safety are outsourced to automated systems and how real stories can help us to address the real problems of automation in transport. Ultimately the film asks: whose help do we need to ensure we’re not alone in our desire for a better future with technologies of automation?

Length: 9 minutes
Selected for Sydney’s International Film Festival 2023, Women Deliver Arts & Film Festival 2023, and Melbourne CINEVERSE Film Festival 2023.


Cast: Michelle Keatin & Alex Thomson
Producers: Jeni Lee, Emma Quilty &  Isabella Conti-Morato
Associate Producers: Zoe Condliffe & Isabelle Fisher
Collaborators: She’s A Crowd, ARC Centre of Excellence for Automated Decision Making & Society (ADM+S) & Monash University’s Emerging Technologies Research Lab⁠
Research Consultants: Sarah Pink & Thao Phan
Crew: ⁠Tom Hodge, Dylan Eagle, Veronika Chekmareva,  Torum Heng,  Yiduo (Paul) Dong,  Chi-uh Neylon, Lucy Tsuchida, & Jiyoon Lee
Composers & sounds: Aurora Conway, Jason Sweeney & Ella Neumann