Dr Anjalee de Silva awarded a Women’s Leadership Institute Australia Fellowship

Author Kathy Nickels
Date 26 July 2022

ADM+S researcher Dr Anjalee de Silva has been awarded a Women’s Leadership Institute Australia Fellowship for her work on creating tangible change for gender equality in Australia.

Women’s Leadership Institute Australia Fellowships are awarded to those who are leaders in their respective fields, women who have innovative approaches and the courage, conviction and capacity to create real change.

Dr Anjalee de Silva’s work at the ADM+S Centre and the University of Melbourne, Melbourne Law School examines vilification or ‘hate speech’ directed at and about women, as well as the role of law in deterring, regulating, and mitigating the harms of such speech.

Anjalee says she is honoured to have the support of WLIA to continue her work in this area.

“Hate speech against women silences women by preventing them from speaking, marginalising and devaluing their speech, and building structural constraints impeding their speech. If democratic legitimacy rests on equality of opportunity to participate in democratic processes, hate speech against women represents a crisis of democracy itself. The law plays a crucial role in responding to and mitigating some of these harms.” says Anjalee.

Read the full announcement from Women’s Leadership Institute Australia


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