Thao Phan

Dr Thao Phan Elected to the National Committee for the History and Philosophy of Science

Authors  Natalie Campbell
Date 4 August 2023

ADM+S Research Fellow Dr Thao Phan from Monash University has been elected to the Academy of Science’s National Committee for the History and Philosophy of Science (NCHPS).

As a committee member, Dr Phan joins a cohort of Australian scholars who actively engage in shaping the future of their field. Her expertise in feminist technoscience, gender studies, and race studies will inform policy debates within the NCHPS, to ensure growth in the field and support its researchers.

Committee members act as a point of contact for individuals involved in documenting, analysing, and publicising excellence in past and present Australian science, and work to ensure accessibility to these findings.

NCHPS Committee members assess the state of the field to consistently promote collaborations and maintain effective communication within the HPS/STS (History and Philosophy of Science/Science and Technology Studies) community.

Dr Phan said, “as an ECR representative on the committee, I’ll be keeping the Academy connected to the growing community of science and technology studies (STS) scholars in the region.

I’ll also be serving as a link between Australian and overseas researchers, and contributing an STS perspective to science and policy debates in Australia.”

Among the multidisciplinary academics in the group, Dr Phan’s intersecting sociological and technological research interests will promote the growth and support of diverse research initiatives within the field.