Betsy Alpert is a Research Assistant at the Queensland University of Technology node of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Automated Decision-Making & Society (ADM+S).

Elizabeth (Betsy) is a developer and data scientist at the Digital Observatory, a research infrastructure facility at QUT supporting researchers by enabling use of dynamic digital data. She represents the Digital Observatory to ADM+S.

Betsy has worked for the Digital Observatory since late 2018, developing and maintaining data collection, storage, and processing capabilities, and providing research support services to researchers from a variety of fields and institutions. She is keen on integrating and supporting open source software, open data, and cross-community communication, as well as providing technical skills training and support to any and all who want to learn.

Betsy has previously worked as a backend software engineer in the technology industry and loves everything to do with databases, data modelling, (semi-)automating data processing, and modelling and problem solving in general. A long time ago she did some small bits of research in AI and computational linguistics, and still loves those fields from afar.