Emma is a scholarship recipient of the ARC Centre for Automated Decision-Making and Society.

Each year the Centre offers a select number of PhD scholarships across our nodes to engage and prepare the next generation of researchers to make world-leading contributions in an increasingly engaged and transdisciplinary research environment.

Thesis Title
Automated Decision Making; an examination into the human intervention in repositories of decision-making powers’ regulatory response to ADM.

Research Description
As repositories of decision-making power increasingly employ Automated Decision Making (ADM) systems, how automated decisions can be both explained and contested becomes pertinent. Emphasis has been very much placed on both the concept of explainable artificial intelligence ‘xAI’, as well as human oversight concepts like ‘human-in-the-loop’ (HITL), as forms of regulatory strategies to add an element of ‘humanness’ to automated decisions. This ‘human intervention’ is seen as a key factor to promote meaningful contestation, help explain decisions, and encourage societal and institutional trust in ADM for public governance.

Dr Jake Goldenfein, University of Melbourne
Professor Kristen Rundle, University of Melbourne
Professor Andrew Kenyon, University of Melbourne