Dr Emmanuelle Walkowiak is an Affiliate of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Automated Decision-Making & Society (ADM+S) from RMIT University.

Emmanuelle is a Vice-Chancellor Senior Research Fellow in Economics, from the department of Economics, Finance and Marketing and is a research affiliate of the Blockchain Innovation Hub. Her research primarily focuses on technology driven inclusion at work and the changing nature of work in a digital economy. In September 2023, she launched and now leads the FLOW-GenAI initiative focused on the transformation of work with generative AI. Her research interests encompass the intersection between neurodiversity and digital transformation, the impact of frontier technologies like generative AI, AI, VR, AR, blockchains on inclusion / exclusion and the quality of working life of workers of platforms.

Her expertise spans labour economics, organisational theory, innovation and knowledge economics and governance.

Emmanuelle’s international experience is extensive, having worked in the US, the UK, and France. Emmanuelle was the principal investigator of several research projects in France and Europe (project COI-COSA on computerisation, organisation and IT; Evaluation of the efficiency of short-time work subsidies in France). In Australia, she is an adjunct research fellow of the OTARC (Olga Tennison Autism Research Centre).

She was awarded a PhD in Economics by the University Paris IX-Dauphine (France) in 2005.