Dr Emmanuelle Walkowiak is an Affiliate of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Automated Decision-Making & Society (ADM+S) from RMIT University.

Emmanuelle is a Vice-Chancellor Senior Research Fellow in Economics, from the department of Economics, Finance and Marketing and is a research affiliate of the Blockchain Innovation Hub.. Her research analyses the impact of the digital transformation on the future of work and inclusion. More specifically, her current research interests deal with the quality of working life of workers of platforms, neurodiversity and the digital transformation of workplaces, inclusion/exclusion and AI / VR / AR, and the impact of blockchain technologies on governance and work. She is also trying to understand the changing role and trust in knowledge experts. Her research interests span labour economics, organisational theory, innovation and knowledge economics and governance.

Emmanuelle has a strong international background and has worked in the US, the UK, and France. Emmanuelle was the principal investigator of several research projects in France and Europe (project COI-COSA on computerisation, organisation and IT; Evaluation of the efficiency of short-time work subsidies in France).

In Australia, she is also a research affiliate of the OTARC and part of a team that was awarded a Veski grant for 2021-2022. On the teaching side, she had leadership roles such as the Director of the Bachelor of Business Economics (around 400 students) at UPEC and she has also designed and taught several courses in economics.

She carried out her post-doctoral research in Economics at Princeton University (USA). She was awarded a PhD in Economics by the University Paris IX-Dauphine (France) in 2004.