Businessman using cell phone on subway train

Everyday Data Cultures

Focus Areas: News and Media, Transport and Mobility, Health, and Social Services
Research Program: Data
Status: Completed

This project explored the role of everyday data practices and literacies in automated decision-making. Its primary contribution is the novel conceptual framework of everyday data cultures, which is based on the cultural studies of everyday life. As well as a number of papers and public talks, it produced a co-authored monograph: Everyday Data Cultures (Polity Press, 2022).

Members of this team used this framework in subsequent research that sought to integrate everyday community experience into data projects with our partners in a variety of sectors across aspects of all four of the Centre’s focus areas. It will be used in future work within the Centre seeking to make sense of the impact and take-up of Generative AI in daily life – at home, at work, and in intimate relationships.


ADM+S Associate Director Jean Burgess

Prof Jean Burgess

Lead Investigator,

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ADM+S Chief Investigator Anthony McCosker

Assoc Prof Anthony McCosker

Chief Investigator,
Swinburne University

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Rowan Wilken

Assoc Prof Rowan Wilken

Associate Investigator,
RMIT University

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Kath Albury

Prof Kath Albury

Associate Investigator,
Swinburne University

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