Hiruni is a scholarship recipient of the ARC Centre for Automated Decision-Making and Society.

Each year the Centre offers a select number of PhD scholarships across our nodes to engage and prepare the next generation of researchers to make world-leading contributions in an increasingly engaged and transdisciplinary research environment.

Thesis Title
Enhancing fairness in Recommender Systems from the third party user perspective

Research Description
Hiruni’s research will focus on providing e-scooter route and parking recommendations to riders while minimizing the impact on third-party users. The users who are impacted by e-scooter launch includes the pedestrians, cyclists, drives and public transport that share road with them, residents/ shop owners who distracted by blocking entrances due to e-scooter parking and the environment. We will be using location-based crowdsourcing to obtain reports on e-scooter obstructions and will be collecting and analyzing e-scooter trip records and open data such as pedestrian count, traffic data and parking data from the City of Melbourne open data portal. We aim to identify reliable ways of modelling the third-party impact and making recommendations in a multi-objective optimization scenario.

Prof Mark Sanderson, RMIT University
Prof Flora Salim, University of New South Wales
A/Prof Jeffrey Chan, RMIT University
Dr Danula Hettiachchi, RMIT University