Humanitech Summit 2022

Humanitech Summit 2022

Author Natalie Campbell
Date 10 May 2022

ADM+S partner organisation Humanitech is hosting their second annual conference, Humanitech Summit 2022, on Thursday 19 May at State Library Victoria. This year the Summit will address the question “What approaches to frontier technologies do we need to ensure safety, dignity and trust?”

The Humanitech Summit is a collective exploration of how frontier technologies can be used in ways that benefit people and society. It showcases leading thinkers, makers and doers exploring ‘humanity first’ approaches to data and technology through insightful presentations, fireside chats, panels and interactive exercises exploring the burning issues at the intersection of technology and humanity. It convenes the best minds working at the intersection of technology and social innovation including ADM+S researchers:

ADM+S researchers’ participation in the event builds on the Centre’s partnership with Humanitech which aims to inform public debate and address the unique social challenges and opportunities emerging from frontier technologies through a cross-sector approach.

In an ADM+S podcast episode, Co-founder and Director at Humanitech Amanda Robinson said, “Social impact is not the domain of one organisation or even one sector. What will be most effective is to lead across sectors, across disciplines, across industries, across perspectives to really understand these problems deeply and to work towards a new business as usual.

Humanitech Summit 2022
Thursday 19 May 2022
9am- 5pm (AEST)
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