Thesis Title
The Impacts of ‘The Long Tail Effect’ and Copyright Law on the Discoverability of Audio-Visual Content on Subscription Video-On-Demand Platforms

Research Description
The project seeks to understand the influences on the availability and discoverability of video content on streaming services. Using legal, political and social theories, the project will deconstruct the conditions that determine how and why screen content is made available and discoverable on streaming platforms, including copyright licensing, competition and market conditions, and the impact of automation to streamline licensing and automate discoverability and recommendations. The project will collect culturally prominent film and TV titles from across decades and track the availability and discoverability of these titles over time, to uncover what differences, if any, the age and currency of content makes to its availability and what this says about the copyright term and copyright licensing.

Dr Kylie Pappalardo, Queensland University of Technology
Dr David Evan Richard, Queensland University of Technology