Thesis Title
Crafting new realities: How Augmented Reality (AR) transforms our lived experience.

Research Description
Kiah’s PhD work focuses on automation and digital media platforms. Specifically Augmented Reality (AR) technology in the form of filters and lenses accessed through mobile devices. Kiah studies the ways these filters employ algorithmic automation and machine vision to enhance selfies and other images with digital AR simulations.

Kiah works alongside her supervisors Dr. Nic Carah And Dr. Alex Bevan, to explore the ways Augmented Reality is shifting our cultural and socio-political landscapes. Specifically, she frames AR as a frontier of future tech, and therefore a viable blueprint to understanding how the ‘simulated self’ may emerge and impact how we identity ourselves in a ‘meta’ like environment.

Assoc Prof Nicholas Carah, University of Queensland
Dr Alex Bevan, University of Queensland