Leah Hawkins is a Communications and Engagement Assistant at the ARC Centre for Automated Decision-Making and Society, and a Project Officer for the ‘Mapping the Digital Gap’ research project, based at RMIT University.

At the ADM+S Centre, Leah provides research and communication support on a range of projects and events, including survey data analysis, formatting and designing publications, research translation and promotion, data visualisation, and media content production.

She is a project officer on Mapping the Digital Gap, a four-year research project studying digital inclusion outcomes and access to services in remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

She holds degrees form RMIT University in Communication (Professional Communication) and Media and Communication (Hons). Her research interests are interactive digital media and the generative intersection between humans and machine software.

She serves as a secretariat for the ADM+S Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee, playing a pivotal role in implementing and monitoring equity and diversity initiatives throughout the Center.