The ADM+S Centre draws on our partners’ specialist knowledge to develop and deliver programs, lesson plans and teaching resources for schools.

More-than-Human Wellbeing

Target audience: Year Levels 9-12

Subject areas: Digital Technologies, Media Arts, Biological Sciences, Health & Physical Education

The More-than-Human Wellbeing Learning Activities and Resources provides students with an understanding of digital technologies, data and their application in the context of health information in an era of emerging technologies.

Course materials were developed by Elizabeth Heck (QUT) and Deborah Lupton (UNSW Sydney).

We Are AI

Target audience: Anyone can use this material to facilitate a learning group or educate themselves on the topic of AI. (No math, programming skills, or existing understanding of AI is required.)

For many of us, AI primarily impacts the way we do things online: it controls whose updates we read on Facebook, which products we select on Amazon, and which movies we watch on Netflix. However, AI is increasingly being used to make decisions in more serious areas of life like hiring, education, and even law enforcement.

Because of how important AI is in our lives, we should understand how it works so that we can control it together! The goal of this 5-week learning circle course is to introduce the basics of AI, discuss some of the social and ethical dimensions of the use of AI in modern life, and empower individuals to engage with how AI is used and governed.

Course materials were developed under the leadership of Dr. Eric Corbett and Dr. Julia Stoyanovich, with input and participation of Dr. Mona Sloane, Falaah Arif Khan, Meghan McDermott from R/AI, Becky Margraf and Grif Peterson from P2PU, and Jeffrey Lambert, Sadie Coughlin-Prego, Kaven Vohra from QPL. CC BY-SA 4.0 licence