Interested in becoming a member of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Automated Decision-Making and Society?

Organisations and individuals are welcome to apply to become members of the ADM+S Centre.

We have several different types of memberships and associated criteria. Please begin by reading our membership policy then apply using the application form below.

Our members must:

  • Support the Centre’s goals, objectives and research;
  • Follow the Centre’s policies and procedures;
  • Accept the right of the ADM+S Executive Committee to refuse membership to any organisation or person at any time;
  • Abide by the ADM+S Code of Conduct.


ADM+S Director Julian Thomas

The Centre represents an ambitious expansion of national research capacity in response to a complex area of emerging and anticipated challenges. It will create a new generation of researchers, skilled in responding to the cross-disciplinary challenges of next-generation automation.

Centre Director Julian Thomas


There are 9 membership categories for individuals:


Chief Investigators — CIs

Our Chief Investigators lead our high-quality research programs, supervise research fellows and PhD students, and mentor Early Career Researchers. CIs must be employed in one of the Centre’s participating universities.

Partner Investigators — PIs

Our Partner Investigators are senior researchers working in one of the Centre’s Partner Organisations.

Associate Investigators — AIs

Our Associate Investigators are academic staff employed at one of  the Centre’s participating universities.

Research Staff

ADM+S Research Staff are Centre researchers on fixed-term contracts, working closely with senior Centre staff. 


ADM+S has many students working on projects that are related to our Research Goals. Most are PhD candidates, but we also have Masters and Honours students. 


Affiliates contribute to the research activities of the Centre in collaboration with Chief, Partner and Associate Investigators, and are eligible to apply for the Centre’s grants, education and travel programs. Affiliates do not need to be employed at one of the Centre’s participating universities but must be nominated by an ADM+S CI or PI and recommended by a Node Leader.

Professional Staff

Professional Staff include our Professional and Technical staff at both our Central Administration centre (RMIT) and our participating universities. 


Visitors are academics or individuals with relevant expertise to the Centre who spend time working at an ADM+S node on a research project with a CI and other research staff.


Alumni are people who have held membership status with ADM+S under one of the categories above, and who wish to join the ADM+S Alumni group to remain associated with the Centre.


Before submitting an application, please ensure you have read the Centre Membership Policy.