Thesis Title
Reimagining automated work futures at the intersection of music and technology

Research Description
Since the emergence of AI, automated systems and digital technologies, the impact on how creativity is understood is constantly shifting. As a result, media, industry and policy reports attempt to anticipate what is next while scholars, makers and practitioners grapple with uncertain scenarios. In this context, the future of creative work remains unexplored, as well as the possibilities for music and sound makers. Thus, this project aims to understand the motivations and experiences of workers at the intersection of technology and creativity who explore the potential of human and machine collaboration in musical applications and settings for future scenarios.

Miguel holds an M.A. in Digital Media: Technology & Cultural Form, with Distinction, from Goldsmiths, University in London. Miguel has vast experience in Latin America’s media and culture sector, working with music and cultural promoters and non-profit organisations. Furthermore, he worked as Lecturer at Universidad San Francisco de Quito in Ecuador for more than ten years. He is an active collaborator of SembraMedia, a non-profit organisation devoted to supporting entrepreneurial journalists in building sustainable business models.

Prof Sarah Pink, Monash University
Dr Debora Lanzeni, Monash University
Dr Aneta Podkalicka, Monash University