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Prof Deborah Lupton appointed Honorary Doctor at the University of Skövde

Author Kathy Nickels
Date 22 February 2023

The University of Skövde has appointed Prof Deborah Lupton, its first Honorary Doctorate in the field of Health in the Digital Society.

“It is an amazing feeling to be so honored, particularly as I already have strong connections to and collaborations with colleagues in Sweden and the other Nordic countries. I have always felt very welcome and appreciated in these countries, with lots to talk about in terms of shared interests. This Honorary Doctorate means that I will always have a special relationship with the University of Skövde,” says Professor Lupton.

Prof Lupton is Chief Investigator at the ARC Centre of Excellence for Automated-Decision Making and Society,  node leader of the University of New South Wales, leads the Health focus area and co-leads the People program.

With a background in sociology, as well as media and cultural studies,  Prof Lupton combines qualitative and innovative social research methods with sociocultural theory. Her research focuses on the use of new digital media in medicine and public health. She studies how those media are the focus of increasing interest in society, how they can have unexpected effects for patients and healthcare professionals, and how they can influence how society works with digital technologies in public health and healthcare.

The honorary doctorate nomination recognises Prof Lupton’s work in digital health as a source of inspiration for the School of Health Sciences at the University of Skövde. The nomination states that her focus on interdisciplinary perspectives has been important for the development of the field of Digital Health at the University and that her work has inspired aspects of the Master’s Program “Public Health Science: Digital Health and Communication” at the University.

“It is wonderful to see the development of the new program in digital health research at the University of Skövde and to be made aware that my research has contributed to this exciting initiative,” says Professor Lupton.

Her work and thoughts have also contributed to the University’s research in the field.

“Professor Lupton’s work has been important for the University’s development. During the autumn, the University received degree-awarding powers on a doctorate level in the field of Health in the Digital Society, which is the University’s second degree-awarding powers on a doctorate level. Researchers like Professor Lupton are a great source of inspiration for this broad field and its applications,” says Alexandra Krettek, Professor of Public Health Sciences and Dean at the University of Skövde.