Flora Salim

Prof Flora Salim appointed to Chief Investigator at ADM+S

Authors Loren Dela Cruz
Date 2 October 2022

Leading artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning expert, Professor Flora Salim has been appointed as a Chief Investigator at the ARC Centre of Excellence for Automated Decision-Making & Society (ADM+S) where she will co-lead the Machines Research Program and Transport and Mobilities Focus Area.

Professor Salim will contribute her expertise in AI and machine learning, with a specific focus on time-series forecasting, spatio-temporal prediction, and its applications in transport and mobilities, and health.

As a co-convenor of the Transport and Mobilities Focus Area, she will work with Professor Sarah Pink to facilitate a program of activities and projects to deliver practical outcomes for designing and developing responsible and ethical automated decision-making (ADM) systems in the transport and mobility domain. She will also co-lead the Centre’s Machines Research Program with Professor Paul Henman and Professor Mark Sanderson to advance the understanding and application of ADM in a range of sectors, and emphasise the normative lessons on how values such as explanation, fairness, and accountability should work in the design of automated systems.

“I am very thrilled and honoured about this Chief Investigator appointment. I’ve been working closely with my colleagues in the Machines program, and also have started planning for future interdisciplinary collaborations with Sarah, her team, and others in the Transport and Mobilities Focus area. I truly hope this will lead to more impactful research beyond our discipline, as this enables me to foster a centre-wide, more concerted effort towards unpacking and solving the wicked problems in responsible AI and mobility data science for ADM+S in cities,” she said.

Professor Salim was previously an Associate Investigator at the ADM+S Centre where she led the Transparent Machines research project investigating the robustness of AI techniques for generating robust and debiased explanations in multiple applications. She is also a co-leader of the CARES (Considerate and Accurate Multi-Party Recommender Systems) project and a contributor to several other projects including Quantifying and Measuring Bias and Engagement and Adaptive, Multi-Factor Balanced, Regulatory Compliant Routing ADM Systems.

She is currently the inaugural CISCO Chair of Digital Transport at UNSW Sydney where she acts as the interface between UNSW and Cisco, and work closely with transport departments and agencies in Australia and New Zealand, in particular, with Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW), and with other industry partners in the domain of transport, smart cities, and critical digital infrastructures.

Professor Salim’s award-winning research sits in the cross-cutting areas of ubiquitous computing, machine learning, and data science. She has generated more than 150 publications and 3 patent applications, stemming from multiple competitive grants and fellowships.


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