University of Sheffield campus (Credit: ES Kwon)
University of Sheffield campus (Credit: ES Kwon)

Prof Jean Burgess to join College of Experts for new Digital Good Network

Author Loren Dela Cruz
Date 9 November 2022

Professor Jean Burgess, Associate Director of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Automated Decision-Making & Society (ADM+S) has been invited to join the international College of Experts for the ESRC Digital Good Network (DGN) — a new multimillion dollar research network that aims to ensure technologies are beneficial for societies.

Hosted by the University of Sheffield and led by a consortium of universities and cross-sector stakeholders, the DGN will bring researchers together across disciplines and sectors to generate new insights into the ‘digital good’, and provide digital technology developers, companies and policymakers with the know-how to ensure technologies contribute to the public good.

Funded by the UK’s Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) , DGN is a ‘Network Plus’ — a strategic investment that aims to bring together new research communities and identifies, prioritises and develops emerging research challenges.

The DGN will focus on three societal challenges that are crucial to envisioning good relationships with, and through, digital technologies:
Equity: because digital relationships take place in conditions of structural inequity

Sustainability: because planetary challenges like climate change demand that our digital relationships are sustainable
Resilience: because wellbeing, wellness and coping strategies in the face of pandemics, political conflicts, natural disasters, digital misinformation, online hate are important to realise the digital good.

As a member of the DGN College of Experts, Prof Burgess will provide strategic advice and support the growth of the network.

“I am delighted to be taking up this role in support of the DGN, and looking forward to working with a fantastic team of both senior researchers and emerging scholars on these vitally important issues,” said Prof Burgess.

For more information about the Digital Good Network (DGN) visit digitalgood.net.