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Sex Tech Hackathon 2022: Open to expressions of interest

Author Zahra Stardust
Date 15 December 2021

Are you interested in participating in a Public Interest Sex Tech Hackathon for Valentine’s Day?

What does public interest sex tech look like in an age of surveillance capitalism, when our data is collected and monetised at scale? How would inclusive design by and for marginalised communities impact the kinds of sex tech that is available?

Is it possible to design and govern ethical sex tech at scale? What would counter-surveillance sex tech look like, that studies ‘up’ to analyse the sexual practices of big tech?

The ADM+S has partnered with global software consultancy firm Thoughtworks and training academy for sextech start-ups and professionals, SexTech School to host the Sex Tech Hackathon 2022 in-person in Melbourne on 11, 12 and 13 February 2022.

The hackathon aims to brings together designers, technologists and communities to workshop how sexual technologies can be designed and governed in ways that prioritise public interest benefit.

It will investigate what intersectional, public interest sex tech could look like, how intimate data can be collected, stored and shared in more ethical ways, and whether ‘big data’ can be used for sexual and reproductive health, wellbeing, rights and pleasure.

The organisers are looking for a diverse range of participants and knowledges and are currently inviting Expressions of Interests.

  • People over 18 years of age
  • People with relevant skills, expertise or experience
  • People with ideas for creating public interest sex tech

In particular, organisers encourage:

  • People with special skills, such as fabricators, developers, software engineers, designers and technologists
  • People with particular expertise, such as sex therapists, sex educators, digital rights advocates and public health experts
  • People disproportionately impacted by sex tech design and governance, such as lesbian, gay, bisexual and queer communities, trans and gender diverse people, people with HIV, people with disability or sex workers.

For further information, visit the Sex Tech Hackathon 2022 website

Expressions of Interest can be submitted directly via this link and are due on 14 January 2022.