View the latest publications from ADM+S researchers.

  • Data for Social Good
    29 October 2022 | Book
    Prof Jane Farmer, Prof Anthony McCosker, Prof Kath Albury, and Assoc Prof Amir Aryani
    This book provides practical guidance for non-profits and community sector organisations about how to get started with data analytics projects using their own organisations’ datasets and open public data.
  • Re-imagining care through arts-based methods
    24 October 2022 | Zine
    Dr Ash Watson, Dr Meg Rose, Prof Deborah Lupton, Dr Jacinthe Flore, Dr Emma Quilty
    This zine showcases findings from a creative workshop ‘Re-imagining Care Through Arts-Based Methods’ which invited participants to engage with hands-on arts-based methods to think through, problematise and contest imaginaries and practices of automated care, and to develop future-oriented ideas about possibilities for better automated care.
  • Mapping the Digital Gap: Background Paper
    6 October 2022 | Working paper
    Dr Daniel Featherstone, Prof Julian Thomas, Dr Indigo Holcombe-James, Dr Lyndon Ormond-Parker, Dr Jenny Kennedy
    The Mapping the Digital Gap research project aims to generate the most detailed account to date of media use and digital inclusion in First Nations communities. This working paper sets out the project’s approach, covering its main objectives, policy and research context, methodology and research sites.


ADM+S regularly contributes to public inquiries and submissions to inform public policy debate and deliver policy change for the benefit of all Australians. Submissions that have been made public by the relevant committee or agency are listed below.

  • National Cultural Policy consultation
    August 2022 | Submission
    This joint submission with the Digital Media Research Centre (DMRC) focuses on the role of digital media and digital technologies in Australia’s arts and cultural sectors, in particular the need for coordinated training in digital skills across these sectors.
  • Digital platform services inquiry 2020-2025
    June 2022 | Submission
    In a submission to the ACCC’s Digital Platform Services Inquiry Discussion Paper for Interim Report No 5: Updating competition and consumer law for digital platform services, the ADM+S Centre supports the need for reforms to improve transparency, and proposes public research infrastructure that will support the work of researchers, regulators, policy- makers and enhance public understanding.


The ADM+S Working Papers series publishes new research by ADM+S Centre members and collaborators in an open access format.

  • Australian Ad Observatory: Background Paper
    15 July 2022 | Working paper
    Prof Jean Burgess, Prof Mark Andrejevic, Prof Daniel Angus, Dr Abdul Karim Obeid
    This working paper is designed to provide background information on the aims and methods of the Automated Decision-Making and Society (ADM+S) Australian Ad Observatory research project.
  • ADM in child and family services: Mapping what is happening and what we know
    23 May 2022 | Working paper
    Dr Lyndal Sleep, Prof Paul Henman
    This paper reports on the proceedings of a workshop held on the 24 November 2020 which brought together international experts and on-the-ground sector stakeholders to provide an overview of what automated decision-making is being used in child and family services and what it means to service providers, professionals and service users.
  • Australian Search Experience Project: Background paper
    15 Jan 2022 | Working paper
    Prof Axel Bruns
    This background paper outlines the motivations for the Australian Search Experience project, presents the broader context of the research, introduces prior work by our research partner AlgorithmWatch, and describes the practical implementation of the study.


The Australian Social Data Observatory (ASDO) is a new proposal developed by ADM+S for landmark National Research Infrastructure to advance Australia's digital economy and society.



As part of the Centre's Social Issues Mapping Project, we have developed an ongoing collaborative document that provides an overview of key social issues in the use of automated systems in our four Focus Areas: News & Media, Transport & Mobilities, Health and Social Services.



Our Strategic Plan delivers a framework for the Centre to pursue our mission of creating the knowledge and strategies necessary for responsible, ethical, and inclusive automated decision-making.



Our Annual Reports summarise the operations of the Centre each year. They include information on our research, news, outreach, engagement, and the achievements of our researchers and students.