Scholarship Recipient

Meet Rakesh Kumar, ADM+S Scholarship Recipient

Author Sally Storey
Date 21 September 2021

Rakesh Kumar is a recipient of an ADM+S PhD Scholarship at the Centre’s University of Western Sydney node, under the supervision of Chief Investigator Prof Heather Horst.

With experience in both the corporate and private sectors in technology and programmes enhancing employability of students and young people, Rakesh is interested in examining the algorithmic conditioning of platform decisions for migrant digital businesses and whether biases faced by migrants in real life is mitigated or exacerbated by these algorithms.

Rakesh’s thesis ‘Platforms, Labour, Migration: Entrepreneurial platform work among Indian migrants in Australia’ will look at entrepreneurial work on digital platforms performed by Indian migrants in Australia, specifically around digital food and online wellness.

Through his research Rakesh hopes to understand how and why Indian migrants are exploring entrepreneurial work on digital platforms. Further, how platforms condition the entrepreneurial work experience of migrants and issues of bias, control and surveillance around recommendation engines and predictive analytics. Rakesh also aims to explore whether this new trend is structural and conceptualise issues around capital, labour in this phenomenon.