Rosalie Gillett and Jathan Sadowski
Dr Jathan Sadowski (left) and Dr Rosalie Gillett (right)

Research Fellows Rosalie Gillett and Jathan Sadowski Receive ABC Top 5 Fellowships

Author Loren Dela Cruz & Kathy Nickels
Date 20 July 2021

ADM+S Research Fellows Dr Rosalie Gillett (Queensland University of Technology) and Dr Jathan Sadowski (Monash University) are recipients of the 2021 ABC TOP 5 Media Residency Program (Humanities), a program which enables some of Australia’s brightest minds to share their skills with the nation.

Rosalie and Jathan were two of five Australian researchers selected for the humanities media residency program for 2021 and will undertake a two-week online residency with ABC Radio National to learn the craft of communicating with a wide audience from some of Australia’s best broadcasters, and how to develop content across radio and digital platforms.

Jathan says “The Top 5 residency is such a great opportunity to learn new skills for communicating research and producing stories about technology and society.”

Now in its fourth year, the program is designed to nurture the communication skills and media awareness of our nation’s emerging thinkers — to help them share their knowledge and expertise with audiences seeking credible material and informed debate.

“I’m very eager to learn how to best translate and disseminate complex academic scholarship in ways that are meaningful for public audiences. In doing so, I hope to empower the public with evidence-based research,” says Rosalie.