• Research resources
  • Centre researchers and partners’ existing expertise
  • Existing infrastructure, facilities and collections
  • Existing research and practitioner training programs


  • Research work and training

  • Development and refinement of research techniques and methods

  • Workshops, forums, conferences/symposiums

  • Engagement activities with policy makers, industry practitioners, designers, users and subjects

  • Augmentation and enhancement of research infrastructure, facilities and collections

  • Visits, exchanges, and placements with partner organisations

  • Professional development activities

  • Media activity and public communication


  • Publications

  • National open access collections

  • New research infrastructure for verification, social media analytics

  • Research Training: Establishment of teaching programs; course completions

  • Policy briefs, white papers

  • Open source software tools and utilities

  • Media reports

  • Exhibitions

  • Citizen science activities

  • Lesson plans and other educational resources

  • Novel and improved research methods


  • Implementation of improved design, policy and practice in:

    (1) data collection and processing for ADM;

    (2) decision-making machine functions;

    (3) governance and investment models;

    (4) public engagement and participation in system design, policy and practice

  • Implementation of training and education programs in ADM

  • Increased public discussion and better public understanding of ADM

  • Expanded, higher quality international research and practitioner networks


  • Reduced risk in the development and implementation of ADM

  • Better outcomes in transport, health care, social services and news media

  • Reduced inequalities for disadvantaged and vulnerable groups

  • Increased efficiency and more effective public, private and community investment in ADM.

  • Expanded, higher quality research workforce capabilities in ADM

  • Expanded, higher quality policy and practice workforce capabilities in ADM

  • Improved public understanding of ADM and increased trust in responsible, ethical and inclusive systems

  • Better informed public debate