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  • Measuring intermediary news diversity: Google News in Australia
    26 October 2023 | Report
    This paper presents results from a sub-project established under the banner of the ADM+S Australian Search Experience ‘citizen science’ research project. The researchers found that Google News search results were not personalised with respect to demographics or geography. However, an isolated subset of domains frequently occupied the first page of the results, and results were not always localised to Australia. These findings help to better understand how search engines present news content to ordinary internet users.
  • Mapping the digital gap: 2023 outcomes report
    26 September 2023 | Report
    Dr Daniel Featherstone, Dr Lyndon Ormond-Parker, Prof Julian Thomas, Lauren Ganley, Dr Sharon Parkinson, Kieran Hegarty, Dr Jenny Kennedy, Lucy Valenta and Leah Hawkins
    This first outcomes report from the Mapping the Digital Gap project provides an overview of the first year findings from 2022 research visits. It covers key survey results and indicators of the digital gap; context and findings for each of the ten research sites; and analysis of results across the three ADII dimensions of digital inclusion – Access, Affordability and Digital Ability – as well as the crucial role of service delivery and news and media access in these communities.
  • Queer and feminist reflections on sextech
    15 September 2023 | Journal Article
    Prof Kath Albury, Dr Zahra Stardust and Jenny Sundén
    This short commentary presents a brief overview of recent literature and popular commentary, including suggestions for new research agendas. We do not seek to quantify the prevalence of sextech use, or evaluate its therapeutic utility. Instead, we adopt a queer feminist sociotechnical approach, reflecting on how cultural assumptions around gender, sexuality, health and pleasure guide and inform sextech markets.
  • Generative AI and the Work Force: What are the Risks?
    12 September 2023 | Journal article
    Prof Emmanuelle Walkowiak and Dr Trent MacDonald
    Within the Australian workforce, when considering all capabilities of GenAI (including capabilities with complementary software investments and image capabilities), around 20% of the time of workers is allocated to tasks exposed to privacy, cybersecurity, and ethical and bias risks. This overview of Australian workforce exposure shows the potential productivity gains or job displacements that could occur with the diffusion of GenAI.
  • Creative approaches to health information ecologies
    19 July 2023 | Report
    Dr Ash Watson, Prof Deborah Lupton and Dr Vaughan Wozniak-O’Connor
    This report shares findings from Creative Approaches to Health Information Ecologies, a project led by researchers at the University of New South Wales (UNSW Sydney), in collaboration with Health Consumers NSW. The project used creative and qualitative methods to explore how people learn about their bodies and health.