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This page provides media coverage related to the Australian Search Experience project.
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Man standing in front of Google logo

5 August 2021 | ABC News

Google’s hidden search algorithms are being investigated by researchers. Here’s what they’ve found

When we google a topic, many of us trust that something called “the algorithm” will magically serve up the right information.
But what is this algorithm? How does it work? And are we all getting different results and therefore different information about the world around us?

Silhouette people on laptops in front of Google logo
Photograph: Jens Meyer/AP

27 July 2021 | The Guardian

Wanted: browsers to help uncover the truth about online search result bias 

Researchers are looking for volunteers for a study into whether search results really are influenced by previous browsing history.

Two people looking at a laptop screen

26 July 2021 | QUT News

Citizen science project explores search engine secrets

Do search engines influence you more than you think? Now is your chance to help QUT researchers find out.

QUT Real World News intro slide

16 July 2021 | QUT Real World News

Interview with Professor Axel Bruns

Real-World News reporter Ella Holding-McGrath speaks with QUT professor Axel Bruns about his work on the Australian Search Experience, a project designed to reveal how search engines and their algorithms discover information.

30 June 2021 | Anchor Podcast

How Do Search Engines Decide What We See Online?

With billions of topic searches online per day, search algorithms are used to help filter this information, but how much are they filtering? and how does this impact the information we see online?