She's Not Alone

She’s Not Alone

Focus Area: Transport & Mobilities
Research Program: People

In partnership with Monash University’s Emerging Technologies Research Lab and She’s A Crowd, a social enterprise working to end gender-based violence, this drama-documentary invites us to consider: how people and organisations might effectively use automated decision-making (ADM) in the rideshare sector to deliver a safe and trusted service; and where the starting points for design for rideshare ADM systems and technologies should be.

She’s Not Alone is a short film co-produced by ADM+S researchers Jeni Lee and Dr Emma Equilty that highlights some of the safety issues women and gender diverse people experience in and around transport. In a world where automated systems, technology and digital data are increasingly present, the film raises discussion around automated safety features including tracking, surveillance and emergency alerts.

The docu-drama challenges the idea that artificial intelligence is the way to solve problems that arise for so many rideshare users, suggesting instead that we imagine a future where safety involves a combination of technology, human connections and community support.


Jeni Lee

Jeni Lee

Lead Investigator

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Sarah Pink

Prof Sarah Pink

Chief Investigator

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Thao Phan

Dr Thao Phan

Research Fellow

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Emma Quilty

Dr Emma Quilty

Research Fellow

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