ADM+S regularly contributes to public inquiries and submissions to inform public policy debate and deliver policy change for the benefit of all Australians. Recent submissions that have been made public by the relevant committee or agency are listed below.

  • NDIS Review
    August 2023 | Submission
    Prof Jackie Leach Scully and Dr Georgia van Toorn
    Submission to the NDIS Review about the use of algorithmic systems in NDIS’ support services.
  • Safe and Responsible AI in Australia
    July 2023 | Submission
    Prof Kim Weatherall, Dr Zofia Bednarz, Dr Jose-Miguel Bello y Villarino, Prof Jean Burgess, Dr Loup Cellard, Tegan Cohen, Dr Henry Fraser, Dr Jake Goldenfein, Assoc Prof Timothy Graham, Prof Fiona Haines, Prof Paul Henman, Dr Nataliya Ilyushina, Dr Jenny Kennedy, Prof Jackie Leach Scully, Dennis Leeftink, Suvradip Maitra, Dr Rita Matulionyte, Prof Anthony McCosker, Dr Robert Mullins, Kelsie Nabben, Prof Christine Parker, Dr Thao Phan, Prof Flora Salim, Dr Aaron Snoswell, Prof Julian Thomas, Melanie Trezise, Libby Young, Jacky Zeng
    Submission to the Commonwealth Government’s Discussion Paper on Safe and Responsible AI
  • Jobs and Skills Australia Foundation Skills Study Discussion Paper
    April 2023 | Submission
    Distinguished Prof Julian Thomas, Prof Anthony McCosker, Assoc Prof Sharon Parkinson, Dr Daniel Featherstone, Dr Lyndon Ormond, Dr Jenny Kennedy, Kieran Hegarty
    Submission to Jobs and Skills Australia’s (JSA) national study on adult literacy, numeracy, and digital skills.
  • Smart TVs and local content prominence
    February 2023 | Submission
    Assoc Prof Ramon Lobato, Alexa Scarlata, Dr Bruno Schivinski
    A submission to the Prominence Framework for Connected TV Devices proposals paper
  • The right to privacy in the digital age
    June 2022 | Submission
    Dr José-Miguel Bello y Villarino, Prof Kimberlee Weatherall
    Submission to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights on the right to privacy in the digital age.