Visions of the Road Ahead

Visions of the road ahead: Experimenting with Future Visions of Self-Driving Cars

Author Natalie Campbell & Loren Dela Cruz
Date 14 February 2022

As part of Melbourne Design Week, the ADM+S Centre and the Emerging Technologies Research Lab will host a creative workshop that experiments with different visions of the future of autonomous vehicles (AV) on 19 March 2022 from 1pm- 3pm at ACMI.

In this hands-on creative workshop, participants will have the chance to engage and experiment with different visions of the future for AVs in Australia. From the corporate visions put forward by by Big Tech companies, to the speculative visions imagined in sci-fi and popular culture, participants will have the opportunity to interrogate and dissect the social, cultural, and political aspects of these proposed futures. As a participant, you’ll cut apart and piece together using collage methods your own visions for automated mobilities in Australia.

This event is part of a research project titled ‘Future Automated Mobilities’ (Monash University Ethics Project ID: 29478) under the Transport & Mobilities Focus Area at the ADM+S Centre and is led by researchers in the People Research Program.

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